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So it's been a

Although I'm may be the only person reading this...heck, why not! It's been over a year since I posted an update on my ventures as a voiceover artist. One might think that with the huge break in communication that things aren't going well... Actually, things are going pretty good. The voiceover gigs haven't taken off like crazy, but, they are busy enough for me.

I spend a lot of time auditioning for various roles/commercials/etc. thru and and mostly recording books thru . I still maintain that this truly is an exciting field, but it is by NO MEANS easy.

The greatest fun I've had is interacting with various authors on books and various clients on the specifics of sounds and information they want. I recently completed two True Crime audiobooks: Sins of the Father: The Lindbergh Case and Known Suspect: Held Hostage for 13 years -both written by Catt Dahman. They were both extremely interesting (bothersome in ways) but interesting. This allowed me to take a different approach in the recording booth. Instead of spending my time trying create voices for the various personalities, my time was spent providing "matter of fact" type information for the reader to digest and develop his/her own opinion.

I've also completed several commercials/ads as well, all of which provided me with new opportunities to learn and grow in this field. So, while I haven't taken the time to blog about my adventures (as I initially thought I'd do all the time) this voiceover world remains just as interesting and exciting as it was over three years ago when I started.

Until next time (whenever that may


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