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Wow! Who knew becoming a Voice Over talent would be this fun, exciting....hard!!

I am writing this as a "fledgling" voice over artist with the anticipation that plenty of those out there with tons of experience will be happy to lend their advice / input. I have done a lot of acting/singing over the years from talent shows, to musicals to dinner theatres and battles of the band competitions. I believe that this is what prepared me for my current ventures in the world of Voice Over work. It only dawned on me to try this out because of a phone call I received from my wife. She discussed with me about having heard the recording of an audio book at my son's school which she'd really been unimpressed with. She told me that she believed that I could do a much better job.

Just as most people interested in getting involved in Voice Over Work, I'd received numerous compliments about my voice, "You should be on the radio", "You should be on the News", etc. However, it wasn't until my wife mentioned this to me that I actually looked into it. I immediately went on line to do, what I now realize is not even close to enough, RESEARCH and started down this road. Do not be mistaken, I am by no means an expert. However, I am a professional. If I haven't learned anything in my 26 years in the military, I learned to work hard and put my best foot forward! Anyway, I ordered all of the necessary equipment to begin, built a sound booth in my basement and jumped right in with both feet.

A lot of my friends and new acquaintances ask me tons of questions about becoming a voice over artist, so instead of relying on my minimal knowledge to this point, I figured I'd start yet another conversation (I know there are tons!). My plan is to post to this blog (another new venture for me) at least weekly to provide updates on my experiences / roadblocks in this crazy exciting new world. Feel free to chime in to share your experiences and feel free to provide any "positive" advice for me and any other new artists who may be going thru the same. For you new artists in the same boat with me....LET'S DO THIS!!

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