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Audiobook Recording...editing...who'd of thunk it?

I just finished recording my latest Audio Book. The title is Cold Hunger by Catt Dahman. I think this is the 3rd or 4th book I've recorded for this author. Overall, I've recorded over 25 books now and believe that I have a pretty good grasp of this process. To answer that burning question that some have about recording audio books....YES!! It is a lot of fun! Especially for those who are into acting out roles and creating that audible picture for the reader. It is pretty awesome to get into a really good book and work at bringing the characters to life "audibly" :-D.

The "not-so-fun" part of this process is the editing. I am sure that there are easier ways to edit and as I become better at this there are actually less parts that need to be edited...but, as of right now...that part stinks! Because of the fact that I am extremely anal...I tend to listen closely to every piece to make sure that it sound as good as possible (that's a good thing right?) but, this is what take up most of the time. I have done and continue to do a lot of research on this of the artists that I follow the most is Gabby Nistico. She provides outstanding advise and has a wealth of knowledge about this field of work. One of the comments she made was that for every hour (1) of recording requires about 2 to 3 hours of editing. Of course when I read that I thought it was crazy! Until I was in the seat that is.... I have developed a few tricks to the make the process a little less painful (opening multiple windows, clip/paste, etc.) but, it still takes a while.

I guess this is the part where most learned artists advise to not get into this field if you believe that it is going to be easy or not require much work. However, while the editing portion of the job is not very much fun, it does create the final product which of course is what the author is looking for! It sounds great in the end...just work work work and be patient!

Until Next time...oh yeah...obviously the weekly submission isn't quite happening. I will try to update as often as I can!!

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